The first details about the Samsung Galaxy S25 appeared at 22:10

Samsung’s refusal to use proprietary Exynos processors in flagship smartphones is temporary – with the launch of the Galaxy S25 series in 2025, the South Korean IT giant will return to its own components. About informs Edition of The JoongAng.

As reported earlier, there was information that Samsung left Exynos indefinitely. According to The JoongAng, the hiatus will only last two years.

The company will spend the determined time optimizing the operation of the new platform under high loads. One of the reasons why Samsung disabled Exynos on the Galaxy S23 and S24 was the unsuccessful implementation of the Game Optimization Service (GOS) mode, which is designed to increase processing power in demanding games, while maintaining a balance between heating and energy efficiency. On Exynos 2200 based Galaxy S22.

In 2025, Samsung plans to return to the flagship SoC market and not only challenge its main competitor, Qualcomm, but surpass it. It is claimed that the new processor will be made on the 3 nm process technology that Samsung plans to dominate only in 2024.

The JoongAng, a source familiar with Samsung’s business, said that the company has high hopes for the Galaxy S25 and the processor that will be used in it. To do this, Samsung will start developing the Galaxy S25 before developing the Galaxy S24, which will run on a Qualcomm processor like the Galaxy S23.

Formerly Wrote The speed of the Galaxy S23 in some tasks will lag behind the speed of older models by half.

Source: Gazeta


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