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Al Arabiya: despite all forecasts, gas prices are falling due to increased supply 19:16

Despite all the predictions that there will be a fuel shortage in the market, price offers continue to fall. About informs Al Arabiya edition.Gas prices still haven't returned to normal....

Four car brands in Russia changed the prices of their cars in January 2023 11:23

Car prices in Russia in January 2023 changed the brands Changan, UAZ, Lada and Haval. About informs Portal "Car news of the day".Thus, the price of Changan's Uni-K crossover rose...

More expensive mortgages and more lucrative treasury bills: These are the results of the upcoming rate hike.

Once again for central banks. Both the US Federal Reserve (Fed) and the European Central Bank (ECB) are holding monetary policy meetings to raise interest rates this Wednesday...