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Match TV presenter called her football player husband the man of her dreams 16:07

Match TV presenter Yana Romashkina talked about the positive qualities of her husband, Lokomotiv football player Nair Tiknizyan. His words are quoted Sports24. “I consider myself very lucky! Maybe luck...

Cardi B spoke for the first time after rumors that she was divorcing her husband 11:05

Rapper Cardi B has opened up about her "excess weight" amid divorce rumors. He told this live on Instagram (the owner of the Meta company is known as an extremist...

“I was jealous”: Katya Lel’s friend explained why the singer divorced her husband 15:35

The singer's unnamed friend Katya Lel explained why the artist divorced her husband. HE nail "StarHit". The woman explained that due to the star's workaholism, the man allegedly "sat on her...