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Elon Musk considered giving up social networks 01/14/2023, 11:47

US-based billionaire Elon Musk, who bought the social network Twitter for $ 44 billion, thought that internet users should be able to leave social networks temporarily. It has been reported...

Nepomniachtchi says he is not happy with Carlsen giving up the match for the chess crown 03:10

Russian grandmaster Ian Nepomniachtchi described his reaction to Norway's Magnus Carlsen's withdrawal from the match for the chess crown. "Sport Express".On July 20, it was learned that current world champion Magnus...

Senator Pushkov says the West has cornered itself by giving military support to Ukraine 03:10

Senator Aleksey Pushkov said that Western countries are cornering themselves by giving military support to Ukraine. Wrote about him about it telegraph channel.According to the politician, Western countries are preparing...