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Standard Chartered predicts bitcoin rate to drop to $5,000 19:56

Markets are underestimating one of the "unexpected" scenarios where the price of the digital currency Bitcoin will drop by 70% to $5,000 in 2023. Eric Robertsen, Head of Global Research,...

Analyst Deev did not see any factors that would strengthen the bitcoin rate after the bankruptcy of the FTX exchange 27.11.2022, 21:27

In the coming days, it is highly likely that the bitcoin rate will remain at the same values ​​- in the range of 16.3-16.5 thousand dollars per coin. Comparable factors...

FTX bankruptcy extends ‘crypto winter’

Volatility and instability are the main words used to describe the situation. cryptocurrency market, unorganized and completely decentralized. However, there are other terms that are starting to form...