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A drunk Muscovite’s iPhone was stolen after a bad date 12:27

After an unsuccessful date, a Moscow resident was robbed and beaten on Nakhimovsky Prospekt. In this respect reports Telegram channel “Attention, Moscow”.According to the source, 22-year-old Dmitry arranged a date...

The name of the nut that helps you lose weight. Obesity: Almonds lower “bad” cholesterol and help you lose weight 21:52

Scientists from the University of South Australia have found that eating almonds has a beneficial effect on the body. This nut helps reduce weight and reduce the level of "bad"...

Ukrainian Armed Forces evaluated the possibility of using Abrams in bad weather conditions 09.27.2023, 22:54

If the weather conditions in the conflict zone worsen, the Ukrainian Armed Forces (AFU) will not be able to effectively use the Abrams tanks transferred by Washington to Kiev. This...