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Tarasova called the Poles “bad people” after the words of the country’s Deputy Foreign Minister Yablonsky 12:34.

Tatyana Tarasova, the honored figure skating coach of the USSR, commented on the words of Pavel Yablonsky, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland.The diplomat previously said that Poland should boycott...

Ministry of Emergencies of North Ossetia: Upper Lars checkpoint closed due to bad weather 02.02.2023, 23:25

The Ministry of Emergencies of North Ossetia said that the passage of all types of transport through the border checkpoint "Upper Lars" was closed. It has been reported telegraph channel...

Svishchev: It’s bad that our athletes don’t understand whether they will be allowed to compete 14:46

The head of the State Duma Committee on Physical Culture and Sports, President of the Russian Curling Federation Dmitry Svishchev, said that the uncertainty about the admission of Russian athletes to...