With the exit from Greater Europe open, not a single victory, but two decisive games and four days later, the leadership was lost. this Barca has entered a crisis. Not just in terms of results (it drew with Inter, but it was a tragic defeat in the Champions League and Madrid pressed it with a comfortable 3-1, without acceleration), but also in terms of gameplay.


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  • Ancelotti’s pragmatism mirrors Xavi’s idealism

Xavi’s problems pile up as the team disbands, as if it were a repeat of what happened at the end of last season. “Nothing comes out of it, nothing comes out of it,” Coach said several times. “We are in a negative dynamic, very negative. Madrid beat us in maturity, we have to mature according to the blows,” added Xavi.

Barça coach repeated this claim many times. “We have to be more mature, more mature and competitive. We have to seize our moments. Madrid is a very well made team,” stressed Xavi once again, “Barça did not attack well”.

His Barça has lost its football, its vitality, its enthusiasm, and above all in its defensive structure (six goals conceded in 180 minutes) it is so invisible that it matters little where it is. I beat the backstop or Eric García. The problem is much more serious. It’s very structured because it also puts Xavi under suspicion. “We talked about it, but it happened again,” he said of serious defensive mistakes his team made again.

“We have to be self-critical, we’re not good, we know. Today we talked about stopping the cons and they got us 1-0 first”

Xavi – Barca manager

“We have faith, we have self-love, but nothing comes of it” The Barça coach stressed, assuming disappointment as Barça “gone blank”. The problem is that the computer is unrecognizable. “There are such things in football, Madrid took advantage of their moments and defended very well,” Xavi said.

Madrid did right everything Barça did wrong. Remembering the game Busquets couldn’t and couldn’t play, Xavi said, “We have to criticize ourselves, we’re not good, we know that. Today we talked about stopping the cons and they got us 1-0 at first.” I don’t know how to commit the foul that requires action to cut off a white counterattack.

“It can’t be 1-0, it can’t be. I’m not targeting the players, I’m the most responsible. I’m on the ship captaining this, these are punctuality mistakes, game concept mistakes, football is a game of mistakes. Madrid minimizes them and maximizes their potential, that’s why they win championships. We are just getting started, we have to mature,” said Xavi.

“We are a team under construction, we have to be more competitive, we have had our moments,” admitted the Barça coach, without finding an explanation for his team’s sudden decline. “He didn’t give it to us, he didn’t give it to us, and Madrid is leading,” Xavi said, using words Koeman used almost a year before he was fired (“this is how it is”).

“I am very sad, very disappointed, very disappointed. To win championships we have to change our mindset. Madrid beat us in terms of maturity. We have to be more mature and compete better.”

Xavi – Barca manager

“We have to evolve, we are under construction, we have to be more competitive,” Xavi said. And when his Barça needed him most, he had neither the rebellion nor the spirit, he threw aside the opportunity to redeem himself. Only arrogant youths like Gavi or Ansu understood the importance of the afternoon. Too little, too little, for a Barcelona that is most resoundingly decadent. It has no network. There is no excuse.

“Madrid benefited from 3 counter attacks,” said the coach. “It worries me because we didn’t attack well, we didn’t capitalize on our moments. I’m very sorry, very disappointed, very disappointed. To win championships we have to change our mindset. Madrid beat us. We have to be more mature and compete better,” he said.