In 1914, the London newspaper surprised everyone with the most mysterious ad ever published in a newspaper. A strange job offer that leaves no one indifferent. The men wanted a dangerous journey. Low salary. Extremely cold. Total darkness for long months. Constant danger. You may not come back alive. Honor and recognition in case of success.” It was signed by Ernest Shackleton, one of the most famous explorers of all time, who dreamed of crossing Antarctica, and to do so, the glittering Imperial Transantarctic Expedition needed to assemble a good crew to fill its two ships. Incredibly, this More than five thousand men responded to the announcement. After some very curious interviews, 27 scouts selected They said they would go from London to Buenos Aires, then to the South Georgia Islands, to reach the Weddell Sea, and from there they would cross Antarctica on foot. Come on, the typical holiday when you’re still eighty degrees below zero. As my father used to say, this is already desire.

The fact is that at the beginning of 1915, in the aforementioned Weddell Sea, Shackleton’s ship Endurance was trapped in the ice. For several months they survived on board as best they could, hoping to be able to sail again when the snow melted, but the movements of the ice tore the ship apart and the ship sank. I don’t even want to tell you about the panorama. These 28 men remained floating on a thick slab of ice. The ship sank beyond repair. A little mishap where nothing happened. The thing is, in the most adverse conditions possible, Shackleton acted as leader and tried every means possible to save his expedition. He left 22 of his crew there on Elephant Island, prepared a boat, and with five highly trusted men embarked on a journey of more than a thousand kilometers over unknown routes to seek help. And he understood. After a rough sailing, he reached South Georgia Island and immediately prepared for the rescue of his comrades. With the help of the Chilean government, 22 people from Elephant Island could be rescued by a whaler four months later. They all returned home safely. An absolute miracle.

Shackleton’s history and his handling of the disaster, a hundred years later, a great example of leadership in the most extreme conditions. His success stemmed from his ability to command, encouraging teamwork, trusting his men, displaying a positive mindset, and a spirit of altruism that permeated his campaigns. Despite the difficulties, he did not leave his team behind. never lose hope. And this is the kind of leader I want for my HLA Alicante. A man who can save himself even in the most adverse situations. In her first season at the head of this ship, Rafa Monclova During these prep weeks, the club has tough guys that show the “Lucentum character” they’re betting on. The Sevilla coach will have to manage the toughest LEB Gold of the last decade, devastated by giants like Burgos, Andorra or Estudiantes. Shackleton’s boat will have to show tenacity, stamina, if he wants to reach a safe harbor and not sink in the cold waters under the table where the team already sailed last season. . The league kicks off this weekend and Lucentum is playing away from home in Torrelavega against the recently promoted Grupo Alega Cantabria CBT. Pre-season rehearsals are over. Now the adventure really begins. And as the slogan in honor of our Antarctic hero says, journey is everything. Welcome back to LEB Gold.