Determined to prolong the good times, Eldense returned home and started the match against Nàstic with the Catalans crouching behind, eliminating their opponents.

Based on the push, Ortuño grabbed the first local opportunity after Soberón made a move that made him pull a skin off the field and disappeared over the crossbar. A minute later, Soberón returned to the field to leave his mark and started the shot that Manu García sent into the corner with a yawn. The last clear local action in a quarter of an hour was liked by Núñez, who deciphered an upcoming post near the pole with a caption.

It was only a matter of time before local inertia subsided, and this was known to a Nàstic who showed serious problems with game creation. However, Eldense’s clear reach of the visiting area began to be difficult, and with the player buildup behind Raúl Agné’s team taking effect, the game went through moments where the change in play gave some dominance to a sparse Gimnàstic in thought. .

The clearest chance for the Catalans would come after Toni Abad’s protector, five minutes before the timeout, throwing himself down to avoid an action and fear on the right flank that Marc Álvarez had hunted in the area. The winger had his last local chance, but his shot hit the defender.

The second half kept a complex script for the 49 minutes it lasted. Visitors featured gunpowder with Aarón Rey and Pablo Fernández, a tall forward taking control of the local defense. Before this, Eldense received a sentence in which Manu García predicted Clemente’s execution..

Not only did Eldense miss the penalty, but five minutes later, after a long delivery that seemed to have lost as a result, he saw how an incoming guest made the score 0-1, but took the skin off against Pablo Vallejo and took the lead. they.

local feedback

A bland halftime reward did not discourage Eldense, who continued to bring a Gimnàstic to their area; if they had a clear role to play before the target, he augmented it with the advantage in their strength. Ortuño and Nieto drew and pochettino He was able to penalize the game almost as soon as he stepped onto the field, with the first shot where Vallejo fired a deadly hand on his own stretch. Immediately after, the guest striker’s shot hit the post.

The last ten minutes were totally insane, with an Eldense getting tired of throwing crosses and corner kicks. Many attempts would end a dream for locals with two goals to come back.

Estévez’s recent changes were correct. First, after a skin sent from the right band, Pedro Kapo He fired a shot at the second post that surpassed Manu García in the small area. With the draw, Pepico Amat started to boil and after two minutes a ball then settled into the madness in the small area that ended this time. Juanto Ortuno, by sending both the ball and the opponent goalkeeper into the net, attempted to save the goal of the opponent goalkeeper. Sheer enthusiasm in a final that rewards local persistence and punishes Gimnàstic who comes close to scoring while playing their game.


ELDENSE: Vallejo, Toni Abad (Estacio, 73′), Alex Martínez, Pardo, Ortuño, Soberón (Juanto Ortuño, 73′), Carnicer (Cris Montes, 62′), Núñez (Capó, 79′), Nieto, Diego González and Clemente (Luque, 62′).

GYMNASTIC: Manu García, Gorostidi (Pablo, 46′), Robert (Aarón Rey, 46′), Pedro Del Campo (Marc Trilles, 85′), Quintanilla, Josema, Guille Fernández (Bonilla, 73′), Tirlea, Joan Oriol , Montes Arce and Marc Álvarez (Pochettino, 68′).

GOALS: 0-1 (50′) Pablo Fernandez. 1-1 (87′) Title. 2-1 (89′) Ortuño.

REFEREE: Morales Moreno (Andalusian committee). He warned Pardo and Carnicer for locals and Quintanilla and Pablo for visitors.

STADIUM: New Pepico Amat (Elda).