There are teams that they win by faith when football doesn’t reach them. It looks like Alcoyano will be in this group this season after an extraordinary start that seems to have no end. At least for now. Against Atletico Baleares, he consolidated his lead with an incredible comeback against his black beast.He is the opponent he has not defeated in the previous 11 matches since 2014.

He was a great hero BlondeNot even a title. Vicente Parras took him on the stage in the second substitution shift at the 54th minute. In the 76th minute, he challenged the equalizing penalty with a confident move, tackling a lost ball. He unleashed the frenzy by entering a corner at El Collao in the 89th minute and signing the comeback. Alicante’s striker thus scored an excellent MVP..

The duel began lively, with two shots, from afar and without danger. banyour first minute visitors and a clear chance alkaineCleared for a corner by Lucas Díaz after winning the “19” match for speed, strength and body.

However, the injury of Navarro, one of the central defenders of the Balearic team, numbed the conflict. The game was geared towards an interesting dynamic where the ball spent more time in the air rather than at grass level, and as in many cases, getting a yellow card from the opponent rather than scoring a goal. One goal.

Alcoyano entrusted almost everything to Alcaina and omenIt gave a sense of danger every time they appeared near the Balearic region. While Forniés was very active, they turned their attack down the left flank. The man of Elche finished the yawn with a good whip, too much focus, and a dangerous cross that Adighibe narrowly missed after Bañuz’ bad start.

The local response came via strategy, in the absence of detailed play, with a good long free kick into the small area clearing the defense when 1-0 was inevitable should he find an offensive player. Again, The time-out was 0-1 as Dioni scored on the last move, which confused the Alcoyano defense and lost the ball after a long throw-in from Forniés..

The weather did not change much in the second half. In fact, little has happened, apart from the goals. El Alcoyano was unable to dominate his opponent beyond a few claims after he dropped onto the field and had a good header. premium after the center of Varela in strategic action.

Rubio broke the monotony with another seemingly safe action. A ball that looked like it was going down from the baseline after the throw-in but wasn’t there because Alcoyano’s “22” hit countered it, Olaortua fell asleep and knocked the offensive player inside the field as the opponent succumbed to points. Aguero changed the maximum penalty.

He looked good, but Alcoyano’s morale was worth three.. And Rubio’s. The striker completed the comeback in the last minute of regular time and perfectly completed the corner kick from the right flag with his head. The natives even made a third in a counterattack, but it was not necessary. Without a lot of gameplay, but with tons of success and conviction, Parras continues his flawless start to the campaign.


ALCOYANO: Banuz; Álvaro Vega (Primi, 46′), Raúl, Fran Miranda, Juanan, Raúl González (Rubio, 54′), Agüero (Soler, 87′), Lillo, Armental (Moyita, 71′), Carbonell (Varela, 54′) and Alkaine.

ATLÉTICO BALEARES: Lucas Diaz; Laure, Olaortua, Josep, Cordero (Hugo, 86′), Pastrana (Petcoff, 86′), Navarro (Kevin, 11′), Dioni, Adighibe (Ramos, 68′), Forniés and Ramon (Kaxe, 68′).

GOALS: 0-1 (45′) Dioni. 1-1 (79′) Aguero from the penalty spot. 2-1 (89′) Rubio.

REFEREE: Munoz Piedra. Yellow T: Alcaina, Laure, Ramon, Fran Miranda, Olaortua, Varela and Dioni.

STADIUM: El Collao (Alcoy).