Italian Tony Arbolino (Kalex) triumphed in a chaotic race. Thai Grand Prix Moto2 starting with a lot of uncertainty due to rain and then it got complicated it started getting worse until the red flag was enforced Twice by Race Direction, after several time delays, when they tried to resume the race after only five laps in hopes of an improvement in conditions that did not occur.

A race that lasts just eight laps will award half the points To all classified pilots who do not meet two-thirds of those determined by regulation.

Arbolino as winner, Accompanied by Czech Filip Salac (Kalex) and Spanish Aron Canet (Kalex) on the podiumAlonso López (Boscoscuro) fifth, Augusto Fernández (Kalex), seventh, Albert Arenas (Kalex) fourteenth, Pedro Acosta (Kalex), sixteenth, Jorge Navarro (Kalex), twentieth, Marcos Ramírez (MV Agusta) twenty-third and Manuel “Manugas” González (Kalex), twenty-fifth.

There were moments of tension in the moments before the start.when the rain came timidly and Alonso López (Boscoscuro) changed the front tire of his bike after feeling a significant vibration on that axle during the formation lap.

But the rain began to pour more heavily and this forced the rain procedure in the starting lineup, as a result of which a battle of nerves to decide which tires were the right tires for the race, already declared wet and the same shortened by eight laps. , went on to just 16 rounds out of the originally planned 24 rounds.

All teams began replacing dry tires with wet tires.however during this transition the rain stopped falling at some points and created some uncertainty, some like Manuel ‘Manugas’ González (Kalex) and Italian Lorenzo dalla Porta (Kalex) decided to enter the workshop street to return to dry. tyres, but this move forced them to start from the last positions of the starting formation.

He too had to leave the workshop street, but in his case, something prohibited, as the mechanics manipulated the motorcycle during the last two minutes of the starting procedure, the Spanish Albert Arenasit also had to start from the last positions of the starting formation.

The strategy of these three pilots was not initially successful.because the asphalt was still very wet and it was still raining at some points, which would condition the drivers’ performance.

Colt Somkiat Chantra came out like a shot Trying to get his second victory of the season, but this time at home, the rain took its first victims with the Americans. Fallen Cameron Beaubier (Kalex),On the first lap where Spaniard Alonso López (Boscoscuro) tries not to lose the airflow of the local driver.

Spanish Fermin Aldeguer (Boscoscuro) wasted In the second round and Somkiat Chantra soon after, in Turn four, causing the disappointment of thousands of Thai fans who wanted to see their countrymen win but eventually handed the lead to Alonso López, Arón Canet (Kalex), ten in just two rounds. He was behind Alonso López, who started from eighth.

Y Albert Arenas, who had to start in the last positions, picked up the positions. tenth place in the second round.

In front of, Aron Canet takes the race lead on lap fourChased by Czech Filip Salac (Kalex), Alonso López, British Jake Dixon (Kalex), Italian Tony Arbolino (Kalex) and Japanese Ai Ogura (Kalex), the world leader decided to take it easier to avoid mistakes. in the form of a rolling fall in a comfortable eighth position.

in the fifth round Filip Salac overtakes Aron Canet to take the lead and in addition, start shooting to avoid all opponents, although neither Spaniard nor Tony Arbolino allow this.

But the rain started falling even more heavily and in the end Race Direction had no choice but to show a red flag. on lap eight, although not all drivers have completed – only seven from leading Tony Arbolino to Augusto Fernández – and when two-thirds of the race is stopped (11 laps) without completing the edit, only five laps to get a fresh start for a new race had to.

Like this five rounds test The starting order as they crossed the finish line on lap eight was the same, namely Tony Arbolino, Filip Salac and Aron Canet in first place, and Jake Dixon, Alonso López and Ai Ogura and Augusto Fernández in second place. , Joe Roberts and Keminth Kubo are third, a total of nine rows and 25 classified drivers.

In the second start attempt, while the bikes are going on the formation lap, Race Direction had to show the already certain red flag againdue to the intensity of the rain present in some parts of the route and the low visibility.