Win to confirm the good feelings Hercules radiates. After returning from El Prat with optimism, there is no other thought in the blue and white roster. Hercules will call this Saturday against Espanyol’s subsidiary (8:00 pm). Restore strength locally, vitals directly fulfill promotion requests.

The team from Alicante drew in their first game as hosts against Badalona Futur and now plans to climb to the top of the standings by continuing their wins at El Prat. He could even be the leader if the team wins, and both Teruel and Badalona will fail their Futur Alzira and Mallorca trips.

In recent seasons, Hércules has allowed many points to slip in their stadium, which later proved decisive for them failing to meet the goals set.

Ángel Rodríguez’s team went further as the competition progressed and He has a good opportunity to regain the trust of his fans against a direct opponent who comes before him in the standings.

Hercules for this match Suspicion of Michel Herrerosuffering from foot ailments, Nico Espinosa and Felipe are out due to muscle problems.

The coach will have a squad very similar to what he won on the last day against Espanyol, which may consist of Carlos Abad; Raul, Roger Riera, Dylan, Eimil; Cesar Moreno, Maxi; Cedres, Marcos, Alvarito and Harper.

“It’s always good to start well, but the most important thing for me is that the team wins the concept and gets better physically.”Ángel Rodríguez said before the match, adding that the leadership is not as important as winning at the moment.

The blue-and-white coach described the League’s next rival, Espanyol’s subsidiary, as a “brave, dynamic and cheeky” team and predicted that many of its players would “play in Division One and Second”.

The coach wasn’t worried about the lack of goals as his forwards stated it was in their “DNA”.

“We’re an attacking team and they’ll have a lot of chances to score. They won’t always hit the baby, the stick or the miss. There will come games where they’ll have chances and score goals,” he said. “You have to give them peace of mind and make it less important. The important thing is that they grow with the team. “The coach, who was able to repeat the roster of last Sunday’s match after his good result, concluded his words. Hercules could chain his second victory in a row and get off to a great start to the competition.