template Elche CF held a light training session this Friday. Juan Ángel Romero Sports City’s Díez Iborra field. francisco He promoted the start of practice at half past nine – usually starts at half past ten – to finish earlier, because players will be enjoying the weekend off due to the holiday and international selection commitments taking advantage of the fact that there is no League due to the holiday.

will be Two days of relaxation to clear your mind and be with your family and friends before you face an important moment in the competitionstarts next week. Elche group will have two games, Monday 3 October (21:00 pm) against Rayo in Vallecas; and Monday, October 10 (9:00 am), at Martínez Valero stadium against Mallorca; that a good part of his future will be played and he will have the opportunity to react after adding only one point from the possible 18 at the start of the championship.

Many footballers will have the opportunity to go home or take a short trip out of town.

The next training session is scheduled for Monday (10:30)., in the area of ​​Díez Iborra. It will be time to start preparing for the fight against Vallecanos and verify the physical status of some players this week who have had physical ailments and have reduced their workload.

For the match against Rayo, Francisco will have shortcomings. Gonzalo VerduHe had to play a penalty match to be expelled against FC Barcelona at the Camp Nou. fidel chavez he will not be able to play that important stake either. The Huelva winger is suffering from a micro-tear in the hamstring muscle of his right leg and will need to be out for at least two weeks. It will also be difficult to take part in Vallecas stadium. Peter Bigas. The Mallorcan defender had to withdraw from the match due to muscle problems against azulgranas. Micro is in tears and hasn’t been able to train all week.

Those expected to be ready to clash with Rayo are: Omar Mascarell, Tete Morente, Javier “El Flaco” Pastore and Diego González. The Canary midfielder was unable to make it to Barcelona and has been following a specific recovery plan for two weeks to overcome his Achilles tendon ailment. The Cadiz winger, the Argentine midfielder and the Andalusian centre-back are dragging minor muscle ailments of no apparent importance.