Video cards drop in price even more? Cryptocurrency Ethereum has moved to a new model

The world’s second largest cryptocurrency Ethereum has switched to a new model. This drastically reduces energy costs and eliminates the need for video cards to mine this “crypt”. The services of miners are no longer needed, but nothing changes for ordinary users.

Technically, the transition also means a 99% reduction in energy consumption. The Ethereum network used to use as much power as all of Finland. In addition, the algorithm will make the blockchain more secure and scalable. At the same time, high commissions and slow transactions with the change of the Ethereum algorithm did not disappear, but the developers promise to solve the problem in the future.

Thus, the prices of gaming graphics cards may drop even more, as they are no longer needed for cryptocurrency mining. On the other hand, bitcoin miners still use them, although their efficiency has dropped significantly. In general, however, the prices for cards have fallen so much lately that you can expect plenty of offers in the secondary markets.馃敒 We have rounded up the top 30 porn games for you

Source: VG Times


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