this Spanish basketball team imposed this saturday at home with clarity to the Netherlands In a shootout where he managed to get over a very bad start on his way to the 2023 World Cup, he let it continue. leader of the group (64-86).

Calendar wanted last opponent before Eurobasket was not the most demanding but at least the official context of the match made it necessary to win with a clear mind and to do it with the best emotions possible in order to arrive at the respective continental event.

Despite this, the Spanish team cooled off. a little bite across the basket. In his opponent’s case, it was just the opposite. This difference was also visible on the scoreboard, with the first series being 15-4 and Scariolo’s men only scored in the first five minutes of the duel.

At that moment, the coach requested a timeout to streamline his ideas, and the visitors cut the dynamic, even though Olaf Schaftenaar fell on them as soon as they took the field. faultless trio Rudy Fernandez who calmed down and raised the score to 20-15.

Spain gains momentum and in the second quarter he made a significant move that started to lower the conflict. A 5-0 start with the foreign success of the nationalized Lorenzo Brown was only the first warning of what was to come.

The Dutch players responded to this first blow, but they had no answers there. two triples in a rowWith the signature of Xavi López-Arostegui and Dario Brizuela and a basket from Guerra, the Spaniards took the lead (28-32). And two shots from the transformed perimeter by Juancho Hernangómez and Jaime Fernández completed an advantage. eight points at halftime (32-40, min 20).

after going through the dressing rooms history repeated The final change between the quarters, with a 7-0 start that locked five points from Brown. The Netherlands managed to mitigate this damage and were able to advance at a disadvantage of around ten points, but Brizuela again widened the lead by taking two more threes in a row, leaving it at eighteen before the final ten minutes.

After everything is decided, conflict intensity has decreased Until Spain returned to take another bite with an authoritarian 8-0. In this way, international players from Scariolo park their pass to the World Cup to focus on their next challenge, the Eurobasket. On Thursday, September 1, Bulgaria will be your first stop.

Data sheet

64 – Netherlands (24+8+18+14): Van Der Vuurst De Vries (8), De Jong (11), Olaf Schaftenaar (6), Coke (16), Kloof (8) -five starts-, Haarms (2), Hammink (3), Roeland Schaftenaar (6 ), Williams (4).

86 – Spain (17+23+28+18): Brown (11), Pradilla (4), Juancho Hernangómez (5), López-Arostegui (9), Willy Hernangómez (10) -five marches-, Rudy Fernández (9), Jaime Fernández (5), Sebas Saiz (4 ), Garuba (10), Parra (2), Guerra (4), Brizuela (13).

referees: Yener Yılmaz (TUR), Erez Gurion (ISR) and Darius Zapolsko (POL). Without being destroyed.

Events: The 2023 World Championship qualifying match played in front of approximately 3,000 spectators at the Topsportcentrum in Almere (Netherlands).