this British Jake Dixon (Kalex) He had the best time in the Spaniards’ penultimate round Augusto Fernández (Kalex) took advantage of the sliding current of his fourth-placed teammate, Spaniard Albert Arenas, in his first free practice on the “Red Bull Ring” circuit of the Moto2 Austrian Grand Prix.

Moto2 was the first category of the weekend. managed to jump straight onto the track with dry tires and world leader Spaniard Augusto Fernández (Kalex) didn’t take long to show off. the reason for your conditionbecause in just a few rounds he was at the top of the timeline, ahead of another Spanish duo formed by Albert Arenas (Kalex) and Alonso López (Boscoscuro).

Pedro Acosta (Kalex), who was not able to compete in the Great Britain race, was also seen on the track, who recovered much more. failing to get “eligible” from the medical commission of major awardsHe gave it to her for the Austrian test, where she finished fourteenth in her first performance.

Fernandez is chained a series of fast laps that keep him at the top of the standingsthey were almost always commissioned by the Spanish representatives because it was Fermín Aldeguer (Boscoscuro) when Albert Arenas was not following them, but in the last minutes everything changed.

At the time, Dixon behind Arenas’ bike stopped the category-best time with 1:35,000. In front of Augusto Fernandez Y Italian Lorenzo dalla Porta (Kalex).

Aldeguer dropped to ninth place with Arón Canet (Kalex), while he finished eleventh with just three thousandths of Pedro Acosta. Better session than Alonso López, who climbed to eighteenth place among Moto2’s fastest.

this Italian Dennis Foggia (Honda) put at the top of the provisional classification of education at the end of the second round of free tests Austrian Grand Prix Moto3 at the “Red Bull Ring” circuit in the town of Spielberg, in front of Turkish Marine Pioneer (KTM) and British John McPhee (Husqvarna).

While the sun never appeared, at least it didn’t rain on the Spielberg circuit again. led to improved asphalt conditions for runoff free tests Moto3 where almost all riders drop the best morning hours at the first opportunity and in those moments the leaders come one after the other.

With each step above the finish line the author of the fastest lap was a different driver, Italian Stefano Nepa (KTM) started, but The Spaniards followed him at one point, Jaume Masá (KTM), Daniel Holgado (KTM) or Ivan Ortola (KTM), Japanese Ayum Sasaki (Husqvarna) and Tatsuki Suzuki (Honda), Italian Dennis Foggia (Honda) or British John McPhee (Husqvarna).