Layhoon Chan is back to unlock Nou Mestalla and approaching positions with Valencian authorities, again to hold the position of president Valencia CF Five years later.

Lim’s right hand will occupy the position previously held by Khojama Kalimuddindespite being between Meriton’s restructuring went further with the dismissal of Sean Bai and Teo Swee Wei, acting CEOs. As well as Joey Lim’s resignation.

Layhoon has never ceased to be the most trusted person for club owner Peter Lim. And not only in the Mestalla club, but also in other business areas of the Singaporean king. The Cham was gradually covering more and more of the Valencia current. Finally, gaining outside visibility by 8pm on the evening of 17 August, the club once again appointed him president.

Layhoon’s strategy to return to Mestalla

At a particularly sensitive moment when Meriton is trying to reverse not only the sports project, but also the credibility of its image that has bottomed out under Anil Murthy’s presidency, Chan intervened in almost all areas of the club during his short visits to the city and was present in every major decision.

While it is true that in discussions with Valencia City Council and Generalitat Valenciana for the new stadium, he speaks on behalf of Peter Lim and not on behalf of the club, Chan attended regular meetings of different parts of Valencia and his figure became more and more relevant in terms of representation.

For example, Chan attended Valencia’s meeting this Wednesday with representatives of Hugo Guillamón to finalize the details of its refurbishment. He also increases his visibility by witnessing the Girona match last weekend from his Mestalla box. He is also aware of the sports city Paterna day by day and is in contact with coach Gennaro Gattuso.

Sean Bai is already history

The truth is that it had been two and a half months since the club announced that Anil Murthy had been abruptly sacked as president. SUPERSPORT Sounds, Vehicles of the Prensa Ibérica group, to which this newspaper belongs, Sean Bai opening a midterm He said he will oversee “football operations” to report to the council and will temporarily assume the functions of president of Khojama Kalimuddin.

Waiting for new appointments that have already arrivedThe truth is that Layhoon Chan has returned to formally occupy the spheres of influence he had dominated during his tenure as president.between 2014 and 2017. Although Meriton was forced to step down in the midst of her first sports crisis and was partially damaged by Murthy’s personal ambition to reach the presidency, Chan did not lose Lim’s trust and remained in a privileged position in the circle of influence.

In terms of dialogue, despite being a negotiator with a reputation for being inflexible, Chan is well received at Consell and has the personal appreciation of President Ximo Puigas well as the financial institutions he spoke to during the sales process.