Emilio Nsue was one of Intercity’s first reinforcements after being promoted to First RFEF. Beating the elite doesn’t stop her from losing hope after falling into the third category: «I didn’t think about that; actually, I was the one who pushed hard enough to get here. because I wanted to participate in this project”, explains Hispanic-Equatorial Guinea. The former Mallorcan footballer said after his first weeks of practice “an incredible group of people and sports; you feel privileged when you come and see a very united and strong group».

after accumulating experience England, Cyprus or Bosnia and HerzegovinaMallorcan is returning to national football “Very excited to return to Spain, to participate in this project, to this great club where I think I can bring a lot of enthusiasm and a lot of experience,” he says. Player highlights motivation and despite having a long career, he is dying to join a young club. “I’m coming with so much hope“I think age and experience are important, but the most important thing for me is the illusion,” he says. I came to Alicante to do my best, to contribute to my grain of sand whether I play or not, and because together we can reach our goal.”

Open first in bronze category Intercity is the key to Spanish football. Nsue points out that the key to his success in the first five years of his life could be none other than the key to success. “The key?… No one knows better than this club: unity,” he says. The combination of the dressing room combined with the additions coming this summer, but obviously leaving a nice feeling before the season. « Incoming signatures quality jump and the remaining players are also incredible. In the end, I think the mix of everything will give us the option to reach our goal,” the group man predicts, before underlining the “good connection with the coach and the coaching team.” «It had been a long time since I had this family bond in the dressing room. and I think that’s the most important thing,” he argues, without forgetting that the team’s aim is to join LaLiga SmartBank.