Yesterday, Atticgo CBM Elche took their first pre-season victory by beating Costa del Sol Malaga in just 24 hours in the second duel between the two teams in the Villa de Frigiliana cup played in the Andalusian town.

Atticgo Elche dominated most of the duel and added good vibes to this prep by winning 26-23. The Elche women started from behind (1-3) on the scoreboard, but they reacted. The Joaquín Rocamoras got their first advantage thanks to Oppedal with Vaseline. Before the break, Atticgo Elche accelerated and made the lead 3 (13-10).

Controlling the match cautiously, the franciverde team managed to maintain its dominance on the scoreboard and increased the difference to 6 with 20 minutes left in the match (20-14).

The Malagueñas made chain mistakes on offense, something that did not allow them to stick to the game. The gap narrowed in the last few bars, but the first summer victory of the “frangiverdes warriors” was never in jeopardy. The victory serves to reinforce the ideas of Rocamora and his coaching team in a young group, and there is still a lot of work ahead of him to show the potential he can offer on the track in a young group.

The next bet will be against the Granollers in the first match of the Festa d’Elx next Friday, in a tournament that the Malaga team will also participate in, so that these days’ visit returns to Ilcitanas in preparation.