The FIFA ‘Office’ decided this Thursday “unanimously” to postpone the opening ceremony of the Qatar 2022 World Cup and the match between the home team and Ecuador, which will go and replace them from the 21st to the 20th of that month, until 20 November. first match of the competition Senegal-NetherlandsIt retains its history, as announced by the agency in a statement.

“The 2022 FIFA World Cup will kick off with an even bigger celebration for fans from Qatar and around the world. On Sunday, November 20, the host will face Ecuador at 7:00 PM (local time). The FIFA Council Bureau unanimously decided to advance the match and the opening ceremony by one day. Beit Stadium‘ he said in a statement.

“As a result, the match between Senegal and the Netherlands (which originally marked the start of the competition) will be played at this time. Monday at 19:00, 21 November, instead of 1:00 p.m.,” FIFA continued.

“Thanks to this change, an old tradition The FIFA World Cup, in which the hosts or the defending champions play the first match of the tournament, which is held together with the opening ceremony. The decision was made after an assessment of its operational aspects and impact on the tournament, as well as consultation with the main interest groups and the receiving host country,” FIFA said in a statement released this Thursday.

Although it was a day before the start of the World Cup, FIFA announced “player rental period“As agreed and stipulated in the Regulations on the Status and Transfers of Players” by clubs to start national teams on 14 November.

“owners tickets they will receive an email informing them about the matches that have undergone changes. this settlements The new dates and times will take effect. In addition, FIFA will try to resolve the issues arising from this change on a case-by-case basis.”