this Elche CF On Tuesday afternoon he revealed one of the best kept secrets fans have been waiting for, including his jersey and jersey. First jersey of the Centenary season. In such a symbolic place in the city, The garden of Huerto del Curaand singular Imperial Palm Groveforwards of the first L teamucas boy Y Ezekiel Poncewith the player of the women’s team Maria Perez Cases For the first time, they were responsible for modeling and wearing new and exclusive clothing.


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The main innovation is the unique green stripe, which is the hallmark of the Elche team. Nike firm and club wanted to wink at its hundred-year history and formed a confluence of a hundred strips of different thickness that form a complete whole. and includes this company’s logo TM Real Estate Groupis the main sponsor of the team and the business.

Additionally, Elche’s new skin features: In addition to the round neck gold color, different details on the sleeves. The fringe is only on the front, as in previous seasons. The back is all white and player names and numbers appear in gold as well.

The back of the kit is all white and the name and numbers are gold. TONY SEVLE

It features the Elche shield and Nike signature logo on the front and the Centenary logo on the back.

Club president, Joaquin BuitragoHe was responsible for running the presentation, which included an introduction by Professor at Miguel Hernández University (UMH), Miguel OrsHe said that reminding some hundred years of historical data of existence from Elche, and like yesterday, the first football match was played in the city on August 8th. In addition, he highlighted the place of Huerto del Cura as a symbol of the city and the Imperial Palm Tree, next to which the popular habanera was premiered. “Ilicitano aromas”The song the entire Martínez Valero stadium sings when the players take the field.

It was a very emotional and attentive presentation by club staff. With a string band entertaining the special occasion.

The event was not open to the public, but more than a hundred guests, including celebrities, attended. Mayor Carlos Gonzalez, Sports Advisor Vicente Alberolarepresentatives, Other political groups of the City Councilbetween Alicante Provincial Council, sponsors and former directors of the franjiverde establishment. The club also had details of the invite. Representatives of Peñaswith the president of the association, David Aranda, to head; and other sectors of the hobby.

One of the main legends of Franjiverderdismo, Nino did not miss such a special moment; and captains of the first team Fidel Chaves, Edgar Badia and Josan Ferrandez. Gonzalo Verdu He was unable to attend because he was recovering from adductor surgery.

Bragarnik and Francisco, none

The main absentees were the owner of the club, Christian Bragarnik working at the Martínez Valero stadium and continue negotiations to complete the template; Y coach Francisco Rodriguez. yes, it was available technical secretary, Sergio Manteconwho did not stop answering the phone.

After the presentation was over, the participants posed for a photo with the football players next to the Imperial Palm Grove.

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President Joaquín Buitrago was pleased with the new shirt. “We’ve been working on it for a long time and it’s very special. This will be our centennial skin, and with it we will go out and fight our opponents tooth and nail».

There was speculation among fans that the presentation was accompanied by some bright signatures, but it was not.