American rapper urged US Vice President to do everything to get Greiner out of jail

American rapper Boosie BadAzz expressed dissatisfaction with basketball player Brittney Griner’s prison sentence on her social networks and urged Vice President Kamala Harris to do everything to get her released.

“How did this girl take nine years for weed? And the US is doing nothing about it. If it had been Taylor Swift, the peace deal would have been concluded right now. Now they’re going to call everybody to war. What does that show for black women in the United States? Vice-president, black “As a woman, she must do everything to get this black woman out of jail. You all screwed up,” said the rapper.

Recall that on March 5, Greiner was detained while passing through customs, a service dog reacted to the belongings of the athlete, in which there was hash oil, which is banned in Russia.

In this context, two criminal cases were filed, namely smuggling and possession of drugs. On August 4, the Khimki Court of the Moscow Region found Greiner guilty of drug trafficking and possession and sentenced him to nine years in prison and a fine of 1 million rubles.

An American infantryman who had previously served time in a Russian prison Spoke about the seriousness of breeding work for Greiner.

Source: Gazeta


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