this Dutch pilot Max Verstappen (Red Bull) took victory this Sunday in the Hungarian Grand Prix, the thirteenth leg of the Formula One World Championship. complete a perfect comeback and leverage another grotesque Ferrari strategy prevented drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz from fighting for victoryWhile staying off the podium, Fernando Alonso (Alp) took eighth place.

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‘Crazy Max’ had to overtake Leclerc up to twice was to take the victory dominating the race from the last thirdMonegasque was impressed at his second stop by putting hard tires that hadn’t worked on this track, forcing him to make a third ‘pit-stop’, but even spun out when he won after three crazy laps. place soft.b

Ferrari, the big losers of the weekend, suffered a new nightmare as they finished fourth (Sainz) and sixth (Leclerc) at one track. they were destined to win and make a couple. Sadness and disappointment for the Italian team, the opposite of Mercedes, celebrating a new double on the podium with Hamilton and Russell placing second and third on the podium for the second consecutive GP. Spaniard Fernando Alonso had to settle for a conservative eighth place.

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added by the Dutch Twenty-eighth victory in Formula 1currently World Cup leader with 258 points, 80 points more than Leclerc (178), Sergio PĆ©rez third (173) and Sainz up to fifth place (156) in favor of Russell (158). winner of the Hungaroring a great score pillow for the summer holidaysThe hiatus can be very long for ‘Scuderia’, who will have to undergo a metamorphosis to have real options in a World Cup that was too expensive for Verstappen.

Hungarian GP results

  1. Max Verstappen at 01:39:35.912

  2. Lewis Hamilton in 7,834

  3. George Russell at 12,337

  4. Carlos Sainz at 14,579

  5. Sergio Perez at 15,668

  6. Charles Leclerc at 16.47

  7. Lando Norris at 1:18.300

  8. Fernando Alonso +1 lap

  9. Esteban Ocon +1 lap

  10. Sebastian Vettel +1 lap

Classification of the F1 World Championship after the Hungarian GP

  1. Max Verstappen – 258 points

  2. Charles Leclerc – 178

  3. Sergio Perez – 173

  4. George Russell – 158

  5. Carlos Sainz – 156

  6. Lewis Hamilton – 146

  7. Lando Norris – 76

  8. Esteban Ocon – 58

  9. Valtteri Bottas – 46

  10. Fernando Alonso – 41