There are not many coaches more pragmatic than this. carlo ancelotti. Carletto inherited from his father. Giuseppe, practicality of life. life reggioloHe taught her to keep her feet on the ground, in the heart of northern Italy, a rural town where she was a cheese producer. there carlo He and his brother were brought up in the traditional way, working hard on the family farm throughout his childhood.

This pragmatism has led to tremendous emotional intelligence to lead groups supported by some rigid principles. One of them is “Do not touch the employee”. And on this pre-season tour United States of America Italian clearly stated Real Madrid 2022-23 is structured around the so-called ’11 of the miracles’ that caused him to complete unexpected comebacks and win the title last season. Champions. An eleven read on the run Valverde Set up as a back and forth player on the team to protect the spinal cord, completing the offer with a shocker-filled turn as the scorer. Rodrygosharp Marco Asensio and one camavinga which hierarchy continues to win.

Prior to Juventus, Ancelotti Started eleven to be measured in the final at the Supercopa Europe for Eintracht inside Helsinki. A sober team in defense with gallons in midfield and electricity at the top. That’s what Madrid showed in the legendary match against Juventus. rose bowl during the first hour. Hunger in pressure, fluidity with ball in feet and aggressiveness in attack. A perfectly balanced eleven with Uruguay’s Valverde’s round trip, especially with a big bang in front of the opposing goal.

Benzema, goals per game

Madrid satisfactorily beat Turinese, who only spoiled his goal. palace with a distant shot confectionery. Benzema then scored twice in two games. ancelotti punishment. And in the second part Marco Asensio Assisted the nets from a successful player Vallejo who showed the best version.

Whites went from less to more in the round, Barcelona inside las vegas (1-0) to pull later San Francisco (2-2) with it America and the one who finally wins and convinces Pasadena with old lady (2-0). Ancelotti is happily returning from the tour as he has already oiled the team for the final in Helsinki and has a few interesting notes in his notebook.

Highlights and tension

Among the highlights Antonio RudigerDani Ceballos Y Jesus Vallejo. First, he served on the side and rear axis, showing a lot of hierarchy and earning the respect of his opponents and teammates. Ceballos once again showed hunger within minutes, but he has a lot of players ahead of him. Vallejo, on the other hand, gave the coach’s confidence back by offering good moments in the matches.

Eden Hazard’s eternal activation, which has a better handle than form among the problems to be solved, is a Tchouameni who still finds it difficult to show personality when surrounded by such overweight players. And it emerges among football players who return stigmatized by a lack of transcendence. Marian Y Odriozola. The first wants to stay to await his departure. Mayor of Borja for Getafe To see if there would be an alternative to Benzema. none ancelotti Even the locker room doesn’t quite trust him. Odriozola was returning from Fiorentina on loan and showed he didn’t live up to expectations in Madrid.