NHL, army or criminal case: what will happen to Kaprizov

“Purchased” military ID

Former CSKA Moscow goalkeeper Ivan Fedotova, who won the Gagarin Cup with the army team, became the silver medalist of the Beijing Olympics as part of the Russian team, after an unexpected and strange call to the army. In May, the Philadelphia Flyers, but instead of flying to the United States to serve in the Northern Fleet, the fate of hockey players of Russian military age began to raise many questions and give rise to various assumptions.

Especially when it comes to key and star players. Especially after it became known that the ex-traffic officer Farit Samigullin, who helped hockey players and football players solve problems with military service, was detained in Ufa last year.

After Fedotov, the main news anchor on military service this summer was 25-year-old Minnesota Wild forward Kirill Kaprizov.

Kaprizov just played for Ufa “Salavat Yulaev” and, in theory, could return to the services of Samigullin, with whom the actors “Salavat Yulaev” and “Ufa” collaborated, as Business Online reports.

However, the actor’s father previously denied these rumors, stating that Kirill postponed his service because he was a full-time student at the university.

True, according to the Mash Telegram channel, it was the father of the hockey player who negotiated with the Ufa military registration and enlistment office so that the current NHL superstar and then the bright rising star of the Continental Hockey League would not be taken. to the army.

According to the source, in October 2018, Kaprizov Sr. contacted Samigullin, who helped organize a meeting between the actor and the deputy military commissar of the Kalininsky and Ordzhonikidzevsky districts of Ufa, Konstantin Voropaev.

An interesting detail was the indifference of the former traffic police inspector: Samigullin reportedly did not receive money from the Kaprizovs, although he often demanded 40 thousand rubles as a mediation commission.

Kaprizov was also named a suspect in a criminal case regarding the purchase of a military ticket, but at first this information was denied to Sport-Express by the same father of the actor, and then it was also not confirmed by the Investigative Committee.

$13 million instead of nine

Kaprizov played for Salavat Yulaev in Ufa in the 2016/17 season, scoring 42 (20+22) points in 49 regular season games and three goals in five playoff games.

After that, he moved to CSKA Moscow for monetary compensation, where he played for three seasons.

In the 2017/18 season, they reached the final of the Gagarin Cup with the army team, scoring 40 (15 + 25) points in 46 regular season games and 10 (2 + 8) points in 19 playoff games, losing to Kazan in five games. Matches “Ak Barsu” (1-4).

A year later, the offensive player had 51 (30 + 21) points in 57 regular season games and 14 (4 + 10) points in 19 victorious playoff games, resulting in him winning the major league cup. Kaprizov also won the title of best sniper in the KHL.

He became the top scorer of the regular season with 33 goals in his third and last season with the red-blue jersey. In total, he had 29 assists and 62 more points in 57 games. In the playoff series against Spartak Moscow, Kirill scored two goals and scored two assists while CSKA took the win (4-0), but then the season was first suspended, then canceled entirely due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

After Kaprizov’s contract expired, he went overseas to the long-awaited Minnesota, which had once trained a hockey player.

In the first season, which was shortened due to the same coronavirus, Russia collected 51 (27+24) points in 57 championship games, while adding 2+1 to this in the seven-game series in the first round lost by the playoffs. savages” “Vegas” and “Calder Trophy (an award for best newcomer in the league).

After that, he signed a five-year contract with a salary of $ 9 million, for which the management of the American club was first criticized. The player himself took it, too, because he missed almost all of the team’s pre-season training due to the lack of progress in negotiations.

Needing time to recover in the first games of the season, Kirill eventually lost a campaign with 108 (47 + 61) points in 81 matches and a 7+1 defeat in six games played in the playoffs. st. Wild lost again (2-4).

And now, The Athletic writer Dom Leshishin, who specializes in Minnesota specifically, reports that Wild management is already planning a new contract with a salary of around $13 million.

This does not surprise anyone, given the strong second season given by the Russian hockey player. But at the same time, you need to understand that this is not a matter of the next year or two, it is just an element of strategic planning.

In the NHL, you can only renew contracts with your players during certain periods, when they expire more than a year away. In Kaprizov’s case, the $9 million contract will run for four more seasons.

“Fake Rumors”

For socialbites.ca, Minnesota’s advanced position was commented on by Russia’s honored coach Vladimir Plushev.

“I have to answer absolutely clearly here. “I think the contract will be reviewed and it will be on a large scale,” he said.

But in the story of a possible purchase of a military ticket, the former coach of the Russian national team, Kaprizov, believes that he is not actually in danger.

“All this information is at the level of fake: what is there, what is there, how to hug someone, something is revealed… What kind of delay does it have, not a delay. We have half of CSKA. Yes, what half, or even more – all the guys of the draft. They don’t run after anyone. Therefore, someone just wants to inflate this topic, someone itches, – said Plushev.

– Kaprizov is an actor with a capital letter and a decent person. A decent guy who doesn’t get involved in any kind of dirty argument always expresses his point of view well. Probably, if such a thing happened, he would have shared the fate of Ivan Fedotov.

Although this story is also sewn with white thread: Fedotov is not the only draft man, nor is he the only 25-year-old. Therefore, there are other motives and games. And with Kaprizov, I think everything will be fine without any problems.

It was reported in the Russian media that the striker of the Minnesota Wild NHL club Kirill Kaprizov could purchase a military ID from a former Ufa traffic police officer Farit Samigullin in 2018 and that the player’s suspension from the army may not be valid. Russia’s honored coach Vladimir Plushev told socialbites.ca that this information was “fake”. At the same time, across the ocean, they are talking about a new contract for a hockey player with a significant increase in salary.

Source: Gazeta


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