Olympic champion Vasilyev believes EU citizens can influence the return of Russian athletes

Dmitry Vasilyev, a two-time Olympic champion in biathlon, believes that the Congress of the International Biathlon Union (IBU) will not decide on the admission of Russians in the new season.

“I think nothing will change and he will be temporarily suspended from all international competitions. But we will see in the future, I think this whole story will continue until the citizens of the European Union start asking uncomfortable questions to the leaders of their countries. Until he is forced to sit at the negotiating table and negotiate with Russia, ”said Vasilyev Meta reviews.

As a reminder, on February 26, the IBU announced its decision to allow Belarusian and Russian athletes to participate in the World Cup and IBU stages only as neutral athletes. In addition, biathletes from Russia and Belarus will be able to earn points only in the individual classification.

After the Russian Biathlon Union (RBU) decided to abandon the performances of Russian athletes in the remaining stages of the World Cup. Domestic biathletes focused on local competitions in which representatives of Belarus took part.

Former biathlete Anastasia Goreeva statedThere is a small chance for Russians to be accepted to international starts.

Source: Gazeta


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