Alicante golfers Martina Navarro and Raúl Gómez have not recently finished second in Spain’s kids’ golf category. Two of the biggest promises of national golf, the people of Alicante have been at the forefront of the most outstanding tournaments in the sport’s calendar for some time now, and they are increasing day by day. One of your secrets? Both are on the list of players with the most projections in the Region, often passing through the Elche Public Golf School facilities.. EGE for several years real lab one of the future champions. Martina and Raúl are just one example of the profile of a young actress who went through Elche to improve her performance.

Elche Public Golf School, a real green lung in the center of the city, It is an organization affiliated with the Golf Federation of the Valencian Community.. Besides being a Public School whose main purpose is to teach and promote this sport in a fully accessible way, it also has an FGCV-supervised School to educate young people in the values ​​and skills associated with the sport of golf. , as well as improving their overall performance. During these training phases, in addition to Jorge Boldo, Julia de Eusebio, Hugo Paños, José de la Concepción, Juan Miró, Jorge de la Concepción, Francisco Bañón, Lucía, the aforementioned players such as Martina Navarro and Raúl Gómez have passed through Elche. Valderrama, Santiago Juesas or Carlos Abril, their names will undoubtedly be among the foremost in Spanish golf.

EGE has a 9-hole learning course (18 holes with two different tees for each hole) With holes ranging from 41 meters to 91 meters on Par 3. Hole 17 (Handicap 1) for beginners to golf practice and perfecting the “short game”. It also has a state-of-the-art gym and a highly qualified staff to teach this sport.

They take care of everything at school. aspects of the formation of a golfer and therefore a special physical education For the practice of this sport. movement to shake Golf is extremely complex and almost every muscle in the body is affected. Therefore, good preparation is essential. It’s not in vain that golf is said to be possibly the most complex sport in existence, but rather it is a sport that requires a great deal of skill and concentration to be able to make precise shots.

Within the Elche School is the Technology Center, which is affiliated with the FGCV. This is where special programs are conducted for the future stars of this sport. We work with players on a temporary basis, both physically and technically. Even from a specific gym to improving the smash or short game. Measurements are fixed for objective data collection, serving as a support point for improvement. Julia de Eusebio, Martina Navarro or Raúl Gómez, for example, know what this is about. In this way, golf and teaching come together in the EGE, because FGCV insists on the importance of personal development of the youngest, in addition to training as players.

It is widely used by gym users.

It is widely used by gym users.

There is no t deficiency in this lab in Elche.most advanced and cutting-edge technology to improve the performance of athletes. Biomechanics is in the center. In particular, the Trackman, a unique innovation in the world of Golf and chosen by the best players in the world. This simulation technology allows different information to be obtained, such as, among other things, the speed of the club, the flight of the ball or the point of impact.

It is a measuring device combining two radars and a camera, a highly advanced, incredibly accurate launch monitor tracks and displays the entire trajectory of any shot, from short hits to longer rides, showing the jump location with precision. It also tracks the trajectory of the impact in 3D in real time, with all the information about impact and launch.

Apart from this more technical stage, Valencian Golf’s future prospects have a special physical preparation. TPI (Tales Performance Institute) assessment ensures that the physical limits of each player are known. Relating to the sport of golf with the aim of improving performance. Mobility, power or strength are patterns that influence and are valued every session to rub the next championship in the best conditions. And to believe that this has been achieved, the Valencia Federation is experiencing a second golden stage in terms of sporting results. The president’s bet, Andrew Torrubia is to be a winner. And as an example button is the presence of players from the Community in privileged positions of all tournaments. Facilities are a reference in the Community for state-of-the-art systems.