There’s a week until August 5, a day marked by fire in Barcelona: the anniversary of Leo’s departure, a wound that is still open and that Joan Laporta guarantees she wants to close.

“Leo’s stage did not end as we all wanted. It ended depending on the economic conditions. In this sense, we owe him a moral debt. We want him to end his career with the Barça jersey and be applauded in every field.”, was sentenced to New York. The Barça president had already opened that door in an interview with ESPN last weekend, but this time it’s more open. I think this is a temporary end, I think we will make that aspiration a reality.”

Laporta promised to renew the Argentine star during the election campaign. However, he failed to keep his word, citing LaLiga’s financial ‘fair play’. Economic leverage has changed the situation: Barça no longer have to sign under the 1×4 rule (only one euro for every four new signing players can invest) instead, returning to 1×1.

38 gold to 11

Last year was a disappointment for both Barça and Messi. Despite the trident, the Azulgranas were out of the group stage for the first time in 18 years and at PSG. Messi-Mbappe-Neymar, suffered a bitter elimination against Madrid. Who will score Messi’s 30 goals, Koeman wondered before leaving the eight-time league’s top scorer. Top goalscorers without him Aubameyang and Memphis Depay (13 goals in all competitions), the former Barça player has made just 11 contributions at PSG without falling under 38 goals after 13 consecutive seasons.

as Eric Castell

Messi signed a two-year contract with PSG with the intention of leaving for the USA next year to finish his career at Inter Miami. However, the change in Barça’s economic and sporting situation may change their plans: Unlike a year ago, the Barça club is once again competitive. Also on the bench is not a Koeman he “feels” anymore, but his friend Xavi, who wants him back. The coach said this week that “I hope” Messi’s story with Barcelona is not over.

By the time he turns 36 next summer, he’ll be free with what he can do. Eric CastellHe changed Barça for PSG but returned two years later. Will the comic book script be repeated?