“You will not live long”: Medvedev spoke about the prize money in figure skating

“Sometimes I didn’t know the amount of the prize money”

Famous Russian figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva, two-time world champion, talked about her earnings during her professional career.

“I think I won $24,000 for first place at the World Championships. It’s a lot of money, but you can’t live long,” Medvedeva said in an interview with the Forbes YouTube channel.

At the current exchange rate, this amount is 1.4 million rubles. At the same time, the athlete noted that when going to a tournament, he does not always know what the prize fund is, and sometimes he has to look for the right numbers on the Internet.

“I’m not jealous of the players”

For socialbites.ca, Medvedeva’s words were interpreted by the famous Russian skater Maria Butyrskaya, who in 1999 won this title for the first time in the history of the country, became the world champion among women.

“In my time, I think there is no less money. We were all civil servants. The only thing I don’t remember is how much the European Championship cost. The World Championship I won was $50,000, but let’s not forget that there was a tax deduction depending on the country where the competition was held. Usually around 20%, but in the USA and Canada – up to 30%. After that, the federation took 10% of the remaining amount from us. And after the rest, we had to share 30% with the coaches. I always knew the order of the sums as plus or minus. Only the exact numbers depended on the country where it all happened. It cost $30,000 to win a Grand Prix stage but I don’t remember Europe, probably $20,000. Something like that, ”Butyrskaya said.

According to her, the amount indicated by Medvedeva is already clean after all the cuts. “The stages of the Grand Prix generally came out clean at $13,000.” recorded.

The first Russian world champion, as many believe, spoke about the attitude of football players to the inflated earnings, especially in comparison with his sport.

“The truth is that figure skating cannot be compared to football. There are a few more stories. More people are interested in football than figure skating. I think everyone should mind their own business. I have never complained about my earnings. Also, in addition to competitions, we again have a lot of show performances, something else, advertising. That’s why skaters shouldn’t complain at all. The only way to make money is to win. You have to get into the top three, because the fifth or sixth place of the World Cup is already nothing, ”Butyrskaya said.

modern money

As for figure skaters’ earnings in modern times, the data for most major tournaments are publicly available. So, for example, in the Grand Prix series, it is known that the prize fund of each stage is $ 180,000. Thus, each of the winners receives $ 18,000.

In the final, where the best six athletes or duets are selected, the order of the numbers increases. They pay $25,000 for the victory, and the last one brings in $3,000. The entire fundraiser for the series finale is $272,000.

But at the World Championships held in Stockholm, Sweden last year, the prize fund was $868,000.

The winners of the men’s and women’s competitions were awarded $64,000 each, the silver medals $47,000, the third place $33,000, the fourth place $19,000, the fifth place $11,000 each, and the sixth place $8,000 each.

The prize fund for competitions in sports couples and ice dancing is $ 252,000. Each couple received $ 90,000 for the victory, $ 65,000 for the second place, $ 45 for the third, $26,000 for the fourth, and $26,000 for the fifth. – $ 16 thousand, for the sixth – $ 10 thousand.

Recall then that the Russians won in three of the four disciplines: Anna Shcherbakova, Anastasia Mishina / Alexander Gallyamov and Victoria Sinitsyna / Nikita Katsalapov.

The medals were also won by Dmitry Kozlovsky, Elizaveta Tuktamysheva, Alexander Trusova and Alexander Boikov. In addition, Mikhail Kolyada entered the top six in men, Evgeny Tarasov and Vladimir Morozov in sports couples, and Alexandra Stepanova and Ivan Bukin in ice dancing.

Two-time world champion and two-time Olympic silver medalist Evgenia Medvedeva talked about how much she earned during her professional career. Maria Butyrskaya, the first Russian best skater on the planet, in a comment for socialbites.ca, confirmed the order of the numbers and said that the best in figure skating should not complain about their earnings.

Source: Gazeta


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