Felipe González’s big obsession no repeat 1982. The organization of the World Cup, ‘Naranjito’, only ten years ago, in the first steps of young Spanish democracy, “was not a good example “For our country,” recalled the former Head of Government on Radio Barcelona in 2002, one of the few times he wanted to look back, according to his newspaper library. Commitment to the Games and the Sevilla Expo in 1992 and we played prestige Whether or not I have the ability to seriously organize an event of this kind in such complexity”. But Spain did. It passed the test. With flying colors. Starting from the opening ceremony, it was reported that there was an image of the country on that legendary 25 July.”WonderfulAn unforgettable “diversity” is reflected. And it continued with a smooth development: ETA was the “main threat” to the Olympics and “absolutely nothing happened”, the former CEO noted.

One of the fears was ETA: “This was the main threat to the success of the Games and absolutely nothing happened,” said González in 2002, ten years after Barcelona.

“The success of the games has left a panorama contentment and peaceAlthough its end coincided with a downturn in the economy, with a sense of relief that, after many commitments and tensions, it will end perfectly,” said González 20 years ago today. For the former socialist leader, the Olympic Games were good for Barcelona, ​​because both accelerated the modernization process and for corporate hardware due to the very positive cooperation between administrations.

Rubalcaba’s relationship with retirees

And, as he admitted, they also helped him, because he was able to get some “political and personal performance An indication of the success of the Games, especially in Barcelona and Catalonia”: “He developed a relationship with him that was already very good and consolidated.” Symbols in those days”: It seemed “good and necessary” for Catalonia to show an identity and “differentiated personality“in a different country”.

The Olympics helped González: “It developed and consolidated an already very good relationship with Catalonia”

But it was the now-deceased González’s newly appointed Minister of Education and Science who followed the Games from day to day. Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba. He was beaten at that moment their intense relationship and continues with King Juan Carlos. The former Prime Minister, whom this newspaper asked to refresh his memory of Barcelona 92, refused to do so because of the agenda.