The confusion in the women’s soccer league calendar has ended with the suspension of the injunction for the time being. Supreme Sports Council (CSD) your draws First part feminine to do separately Women’s Professional Football League (LPFF), this Tuesday and Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), this Wednesday.

consecutive dates

LPFF announced this Tuesday morning that the draw was held at 1:00 response to CSD’s silence after demanding that the RFEF’s announced drawdown for Wednesday be paralyzed by a clash of powers. What ended the conflict between the RFEF and the newly formed league. And because of this, CSD had to intervene by declaring both of them the precautionary suspension of the sweepstakes.

It all started last July 20. LPFF announced that the draw for next season’s calendar will be held at CSD headquarters, however, the RFEF has announced that it will be at its headquarters this Wednesday at 12:30. On the 22nd, the LPFF denounced a clash of competition before the CSD, realizing that the Federation wanted to “hijack competitions” as the schedules and draw corresponded to the professional, men’s and women’s leagues.

First Feminine will premiere on the weekend of September 10 and 11.