After being promoted to First RFEF, nothing foreshadowed Intercity shares would continue to fall until they hit their lowest point. Since the Alicante club began trading on the stock exchange in October. Stocks did not revolt as the price hit highs of just over 2 euros (2.20). Since then, society Continuous depreciation until the value of each share is 0.33 eurolosing about 75 percent. Neither promotion to RFEF First, nor alliance with Lucentum, nor the construction of an ambitious project for promotion to Division Two convinced investors.. Despite this, Intercity leaders are neither worried nor alarmed as they are convinced that a promotion to professional football will completely change the stock market scenario.

Market situation affecting large and small listed companies, global crisis scenarioWar and inflation left their mark in Ukraine. CF Intercity is no stranger to this global market situation where companies are suffering from the current uncertainty.

Tranquility conveys from CF Intercity and appeals to a job well done so the action reflects the true value of the club in the medium term. According to Morningstar, the provider of analysis and evaluation of financial products, CF Intercity has great growth potential and multiply the value by six. CF Intercity’s challenge Build a project that will take you to professional footballwhere to get your “pee-to-peer” (cover the costs).

President of CF Intercity, salvador marti“More than worry, we are busy working well and building the most competitive roster possible. We want to take the team to professional football and this will be a turning point where revenue for the club will exceed expenses »

«We believe that if we continue in the same line of work, The share price will reflect the true value of the company.», agreed Marti. We want to start the season well and the sporting results will help us,” he said.

CEO of CF Intercity, Tony GallegoHe explained that “markets in general are distressed and companies with less capital and volume realize this more in the short run.” Gallego persisted in Martí’s message and showed confidence in the recovery: “The important thing is to continue the good work and in the medium term the market will give us the value we deserve. In these adverse conditions, companies with less volume realize this more, but on the other hand, they maintain their potential in the medium term. Proof of this is the Morningstar review, which multiplies Intercity’s potential by six».

«Our biggest goal is to rise to professional football and take steps forward structurally.. In this way, we will be prepared when we can switch to professional football,” says CF Intercity.

Tranquility in the Alicante club despite the continued decline in the value of the shares. The commitment to fight for promotion to the Second Division is complete in the black team, in the belief of the Exchange’s positive response.