Carlos Alcaraz’s improvement was evident in the third game of the tournament. If he had a questionable match against Nicola Kuhn and showed a good version, albeit far from the best, against Krajinovic, Murcian marched his entire repertoire against Karen Khachanov. And this, a priori, It would be the most complex match of the tournament for Alcaraz.Well, he’s number 26 in the Russian ATP standings and has given great performances in the previous rounds.

When Carlos Alcaraz shows the level of the first set, few tennis players in the world can match him. He confirmed Russia 6-0 in 26 minutes. He dominated from the first moment due to the fault of Khachanov, who entered the match very coldly and could not dominate the serve, which was his best asset. In fact, he made a double mistake in the first change, predicting how the future of the first round would unfold.

Murcian dominated forehand, backhand, baseline, now traditional dropshot and also He dared to throw a balloon at the 1.98-metre-tall Russian giant.

Moving desperately in the face of a long-unseen version of Alcaraz, Khachanov had no choice. The deadliest version.

Same story in the second arm

Khachanov tried to be a little proud of it. He wanted to show his true level and started the second set with the right foot. He won his first serve in the first game of the second match. This gave him some confidence and he fought Alcaraz some more.Although not enough to break the Murcian tennis player.

The first four matches were tied (2-2), however, this tie was broken at the same time Carlos gave the first time-out of the set, giving him a serve advantage. He took advantage of that and the game is over there. One of El Palmar’s endorsed him four games in a row. He goes from 2-2 to 6-2 with his best play in a long time. Perhaps the best since the fourth round of Roland Garros, again against Khachanov. The Russians are well taken.

in the semi-finals, The winner of the duel between Alex Molcan and Borna Coric, which will be played this Saturday, awaits him, It will be held on the center court at 18:30.