Former actress Mostovoy ironically spoke about her popularity on social networks

Former midfielder of the Russian national team Alexander Mostovoy commented on what is happening on various social networks, reports RT.

The former actress admitted that she was puzzled for a long time how some people on social networks gained followers and what methods they used to attract attention.

“Someone cursed someone – and they have five million subscribers! They tell a kind of game and brag about it. My generation doesn’t understand this. Although you sometimes think: maybe undress and run naked along Tverskaya, gain an audience? He said bridge.

In his professional career as a football player, Mostovoy has played for Spartak Moscow, Portuguese Benfica, French Caen and Strasbourg, as well as Spanish Celta and Alaves.

Earlier it was reported that the former football player of the Russian national team Alexander Mostovoy. saidWhy hasn’t he taken over any of the professional Russian clubs yet? It is worth noting that Mostovoy recently became the head coach of the Katyusha team from the Medialiga.

Source: Gazeta


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