The reason for Spain’s defeat to France in the European semi-finals has been revealed 07/08/2024, 22:56

Famous local football player Maxim Demenko, who played two matches for the Russian national team during his professional career, spoke to about the European Football Championship semi-final match to be played between the national teams of Spain and France.

“With all due respect to the other teams, we understand very well that the favourites for the European Championship final are Germany and Spain. But life has become like this and there is no escape. Today, Spain is probably considered the favourite to reach the final. But the loss of three players will be quite problematic for the coach. All the players were in the first five in the group, in the first eight and in the quarter-finals. And now, everyone was laughing at the French because the team had hardly won a single match in regular time and had not scored a goal, France could have beaten Spain and reached the final,” Demenko says.

Ahead of the semi-finals, the Spanish national team lost two of its main defenders, Real Madrid’s Daniel Carvajal and Real Sociedad’s Robin le Norman, to disqualification, while it also lost Barcelona midfielder Pedri, who was injured in the quarter-finals.

Formerly Southgate’s coach accused British media leaks data about England team.

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Source: Gazeta


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