Famous manager says Argentina doesn’t need Messi 15:40

Famous manager Paulo Barbosa said that 37-year-old Lionel Messi is capable of deciding the outcome of the Copa America quarter-final match between Argentina and Ecuador, but that the team is not dependent on his performance. Barbosa’s words are quoted by the portal ODDS.ru.

“Messi will always play a big role but the team does not depend on him. Yes, he can decide the outcome of the match, he can help with his movements, but the Argentine national team is made up of young and promising players. There is intrigue in this match. Barbosa said that Ecuador has historically been seen as Argentina’s main rival.

The manager said any outcome was possible in this quarter-final but admitted Argentina had some advantages.

“Ecuador barely made it out of the group and the Argentines didn’t even care. Barbosa said that Argentina will definitely make every effort to advance in this match.

Argentina won three out of three possible group stage wins without conceding a single goal, while Ecuador won once, drew once and lost once.

The Copa America quarterfinal match between Argentina and Ecuador will start at 04:00 Moscow time on July 5.

Previously Ronaldo’s tears at the Euros is called greatness.

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Source: Gazeta


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