Djokovic has been called the anti-hero of the tennis world 15:50

Wimbledon 2022 finalist Australian tennis player Nick Kyrgios, in a conversation with journalist Piers Morgan, described the Serbian athlete as the anti-hero of the tennis world, while talking about former world number one Novak Djokovic.

Novak Djokovic’s “morbid obsession” with trying to please everyone has changed and he is now “embracing the role of the bad guy”. Kyrgios is “something of an anti-hero in the tennis world”, he said.

Djokovic will start his performance at Wimbledon from the second round. He will face Jacob Fernley.

On June 4, Djokovic withdrew from the French Open (Roland Garros) due to a knee injury. In the quarterfinals, the Serbian player was supposed to play against Norwegian representative Kasper Ruud. Accordingly, Ruud automatically qualified for the semifinals of the French Open.

Djokovic is the current Roland Garros champion and attempted to defend his title this season. Djokovic was forced to retire, losing his position as the world’s number one racket and losing his leadership in the Professional Tennis Association rankings to Italian athlete Jannik Sinner.

Djokovic before It has been saidWhy did she decide not to withdraw from Wimbledon?

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