Pavlovich breaks silence after loss to Volkov at UFC 16:00

Russian fighter Sergei Pavlovich published a post on his Telegram channel after losing to his compatriot Alexander Volkov in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) tournament.

“It wasn’t my day, everything didn’t go as planned. I was ready for anything, but I was too keen on the knockout and missed a lot of unnecessary punches. The result is a point defeat. It was very emotional and difficult for me, especially knowing that I could not live up to your expectations. Thank you for all your support! I promise to come back stronger and smarter,” Pavlovich wrote.

During the duel between the athletes before the fight, there was an argument between the athletes. The reason for the disagreement between Russian athletes was the debate over which of them would fight first. Only Dana White, president of the Absolute Fighting Championship, was able to stop the conflict.

There was conflict after conflict. Volkov won the fight by unanimous decision – 30-27, 30-27, 29-28. After the fight, he approached Pavlovich to thank him, but Pavlovich pushed him away.

On March 28, the UFC president announced that Volkov would fight another Russian fighter, Pavlovich. On June 20, Pavlovich announced that Volkov had agreed to a fight with him, saying that he had learned about his opponent’s consent from his managers. And only after that he agreed to fight.

During his career, Volkov fought 48 fights and achieved 38 wins. Pavlovich entered the octagon 21 times, recording 18 wins and three defeats.

Previously Volkov said About health problems before the fight with Pavlovich.

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Source: Gazeta


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