“I wanted to kiss your hands”: Guberniev shared his memories of working with Anna Dmitrieva 10:41

Soviet tennis player and sports journalist Anna Dmitrieva was “the epitome of the commentary style”. Russian sports journalist Dmitry Guberniev stated this in a conversation with socialbites.ca, commenting on the news of the athlete’s death.

“Every time I saw him I wanted to kiss his hands. It has accompanied me throughout my sports life, from the moment I started watching sports, sports programs and sports broadcasts in the seventies. He was truly an icon of the commentary style, an icon of the sports reporting style. First of all, an outstanding tennis player and multiple champion of the Soviet Union. He is a student of Nikolai Ozerov in the television profession. I agree, it’s a brand. The most powerful organizer and teacher of many people. He created the editorial office, in fact, he raised Vasily Utkin. “Think about what kind of students there are,” he said.

Guberniev noted that Dmitrieva played a big role in his career. He emphasized that he has not communicated very often with the athlete lately, but that she always “surrounds him with care, warmth and affection.”

“I was very lucky, I knew him. Moreover, I am personally grateful to him for a very important period of my life. In the late nineties, I really wanted to join the editorial office of NTV-Plus, which he created together with Alexei Burkov, and he did not accept me. Then he explained to me why. So he saved me for federal television. That’s why I wasn’t angry at him at all. Of course, I will miss him personally. And I’m proud that I was able to work with him a little bit. I thank him, I will be grateful all my life for the warmth he sometimes conveyed by complimenting me. You can call her our professional mother. She was different, but as for me, she always surrounded me with some kind of care, warmth and affection. That’s why we will all miss him so much. My condolences. “This is a loss for everyone,” he said.

Anna Dmitrieva dead 83 years old in Moscow. Journalist Yuri Rost reported this on his Telegram channel.

Dmitrieva is the Honored Master of Sports of the USSR in tennis and an 18-time USSR champion in singles, mixed and doubles. In 1964, she ranked third in the ranking of Europe’s strongest tennis players. She was inducted into the Russian Tennis Hall of Fame in 2004.
He has been working as a sports commentator on television since 1975 and has been working at NTV since 1993. He served as the manager of NTV-Plus sports channels between 2004 and 2010.

Before, when I was 80 years old dead filmmaker Leonid Bits.

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Source: Gazeta


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