Swiss football player published a photo in tight shorts 23:10

Alisha Lehmann, the famous Swiss football player of the English team “Aston Villa”, published a new photo on Instagram (the owner of the company Meta is known as an extremist in Russia and is banned).

In the photo, she poses in an off-shoulder tank top and tight shorts.

In an interview with YouTube channel Shirin David in October 2023, the football player stated that he was offered more than 100 thousand euros for a night together.

“I received a message that I did not reply to. The same person sent a message to my bodyguard. The message was sent by a very famous person. We had met before at an event. The message said: “I will pay 104 thousand euros to Lehmann to spend the night with him.” But I replied: “No way. And only 104 thousand euros?” – said the football player.

Alisha Lehmann started her professional career at Young Boys. In August 2018, the football player moved to West Ham United. In January 2021, Lehmann signed on loan for Everton. Alisha transferred to Aston Villa after the end of the 2020/2021 season.

Previously Russian figure skater showed off her figure in swimsuit

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Source: Gazeta


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