Explained how Edmonton can change the course of the final against Florida 06/13/2024, 23:35

Commentator Philip Maykov, author of his own YouTube channel “HockeyPhil”, spoke on behalf of socialbites.ca about the trump card that the Edmonton Oilers can use to change the course of the series in the Stanley Cup final against the Florida Panthers.

“Of course, the majority of Edmonton wins against Dallas towards the end of the series is also an important factor for them. So all the important factors for Edmonton are on the surface. It’s a 5v4 game, the power play, and that’s how the leaders will play. McDavid, Draisaitl and everyone loves them. All the important factors are on the surface. I’m almost certain they won’t be able to play the series consistently, especially Edmonton’s entire lead group, because there were games in every series where they fell apart and disappeared. And “Florida” knows how to handle that, because they exemplarily shut down Kucherov and Point for Tampa and He shut down Zibanejad and Panarin in an exemplary way for the Rangers,” Maikov says.

Florida won two games at home and entered the finals with a 2-0 lead. The series will continue until one of the teams has four wins. The next two meetings will be held in Edmonton.

Previously commentator Maikov statedThat Florida would win the Stanley Cup final.

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Source: Gazeta


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