PSG is ready to complete the transfer of Matvey Safonov in the near future 19:19

French PSG are close to reaching an agreement with Krasnodar goalkeeper Matvey Safonov in the near future. Journalist Fabrizio Romano told about this in his social networks.

Parisians will pay 20 million euros to Krasnodar for Safonov.

On June 7, it became known that Safonov was prohibited from leaving Russia due to alimony debt. The ban came into force on June 6, when the goalkeeper was already in Minsk with the Russian national team and the team was playing a friendly match against the Belarusian national team. Safonov later returned to Russia.

PSG has not yet announced Safonov’s transfer. However, the head coach of the Russian national team, Valery Karpin, told reporters that the goalkeeper successfully passed the medical examination at the Paris club.

June 11 Safonov I paid your debt 22 thousand rubles, believing that he would be allowed to leave Russia. The goalkeeper was not allowed to leave Russia because he owed 59 million rubles in alimony to his ex-wife.

steel before hopes are known Safonov is in the national team after moving to PSG.

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Source: Gazeta


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