CSKA signed a new contract with a player in the mine 750 meters deep 15:13

American defender Casper Ware signed a new contract with CSKA. According to this TASSThe signing ceremony of the agreement took place in the 750-meter deep well of the Oktyabrsky mine in Norilsk.

“In the past, we were sent to the mines for our crimes, but I am happy that we came here to celebrate the victory. We want to maintain the championship squad next season and signing an agreement with Kasper is the first step. We did not go underground to force him to sign a contract. CSKA President Andrei Vatutin said: “We agreed on everything at the highest level ” said.

The deal with Ware is for two years. According to the latest VTB United League results, Ware was the top assister among Army players in regular season matches, scoring 12.8 points with an average of 4.1 passes per game.

CSKA brought the United League trophy to Norilsk – the Belov Cup. The reward was lowered into the mine accompanied by the players and team leaders. So, along with Vatutin and Weir, Samson Ruzhentsev, Semyon Antonov, Tony Dzhekiri and the head coach of the red-dark blue, Andreas Pistiolious, went deep.

Previously FIBA elongated Removal of basketball players from Russia and Belarus.

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Source: Gazeta


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