PAOK football player reacted to Jikia’s departure from Spartak 22:05

Greek PAOK football player Magomed Ozdoev reacted to Georgiy Dzhikia’s departure from Moscow Spartak and noted that one day everything will end. “Championship”.

“Whether good or bad, everything ends one day. As they say, this too shall pass. Since Dzhikia left, they made a decision that would be better for Georgiy,” Ozdoev said.

Dzhikia has been playing for Spartak since 2017. With the club he won the championship and the Russian Cup. The club officially announced his departure on 18 May. The next day, Dzhikia came on the field with the captain’s armband and played 67 minutes in the 29th round match of the Russian Premier League (RPL) with Rubin.

Spartak beat Rubin with a score of 3:1. Dzhikia was not effective in his last match.

After this victory, Spartak takes fifth place in the Russian Championship standings. Currently, the team led by head coach Vladimir Sliskovich has 49 points.

previously named ideal club For the captain of “Spartak” Dzhikia.

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Source: Gazeta


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