“Krasnodar” was called aroused or scared 12:47

Former Krasnodar midfielder Evgeny Shipitsin, speaking about the title race in the Russian Premier League (RPL), stated that the “bulls” seem scared. “Euro-Football.Ru”.

“Dinamo is so lucky that they scored two goals completely by chance. “Krasnodar” seems aroused or frightened. “I don’t know why a very important match was given to Spartak,” Shipitsin said.

Shipitsin also St. He also noted that St. Petersburg Zenit felt like champions ahead of time.

After the results of the 28th round of matches in the Russian Premier League, Dynamo took first place in the Russian Championship rankings with 53 points. Moscow club, St. Petersburg with 51 points. Petersburg was ahead of Zenit. In third place is Krasnodar, with one point less.

In the next match of the Russian Championship, Krasnodar will play away against Sochi. The meeting will take place on May 18. The teams will take to the field at 19.00 Moscow time.

Krasnodar’s previous failures explained psychological depression.

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Source: Gazeta


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