Lokomotiv’s former coach said that Dziuba is useful for the team 19:17

Rinat Bilyaletdinov, former head coach of Lokomotiv Moscow, talked about striker Artem Dzyuba’s position in the team. In the comments legal betting Expressing the opinion that if a football player does not get enough time, there may be reasons for this, the expert stated that he still finds Dziuba useful for the red-green team.

“If we talk about the changes in Lokomotiv’s game, we can say that Dzyuba’s loss of physical conditioning most likely also played a role. It is up to the club to decide whether this is a plus or minus for the railway workers. If you win points without Dzyuba, it is probably a plus. If a team is without a win If there is a series, at least some kind of neutral situation is achieved. But since Artem is not playing, he is either not ready or there are complaints about his form, he can still be useful to the club, says Bilyaletdinov.

He emphasized that the team’s transition to playing without a tall striker could be due to various reasons. Bilyalettinov also noted that the team’s game in general did not change much with the changes in the offensive line. He also highlighted Anton Miranchuk’s offensive switch to the left wing and his constant presence in the starting lineup. According to the expert, freshness appeared in the actions of the “railroadmen” after Miranchuk began to operate on the left in the offensive.

Former Russian champion said About aggressive Zenit fans.

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Source: Gazeta


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