on the cobblestones, most Tour de France facing its longest phase219.9 kilometers between Binches in Belgium and Longwy in France, profile suitable for escapes and a rough finish that makes sprinting hard to solve.

this the day is uncertainIt offers several control options and five kilometers from the finish line, a third category pass, 800 meters at a 12.3% incline, a third category pass that can serve as a launching pad for a brave runner to launch the final attack.

If a large group reaches the end, it is at the end of an altitude of 1.6 kilometers with an average gradient of 5.8%. 11% installmentcan water the options of the naive comers. As an example, in 2017 Slovak Peter Sagan won after overcoming a malfunction on his bike.

Stage 6: Binche – Longwy

Length: 219.9 km

Departure time: 12:15 (10:15 GMT)

Expected arrival time: 17.29 (15.29 GMT)


Cota des Mazures (3rd): 7.6%, 2 km, 132.7 km from the finish line

Cote de Montigny-sur-Chiers (4th): 1.6 km, 4.4% at 14.9 km

Pulventeux altitude (3rd): 800 m, 12.3% at 5.3% km.