Ram Chus Mateo He will lead Real Madrid’s first basketball team for the next two seasons, taking over Pablo Laso, the coach of Pablo Laso, whose contract was terminated “for medical reasons” by the white club after a heart attack in the League Playoffs Endesa.

“Real Madrid CF have announced that Chus Mateo will be coaching their first basketball team for the next two seasons until 30 June 2024,” the club said in a statement.

Confirm this, Chus Mateo new technician for practical purposes anyway It’s one step ahead compared to the last campaigns under which Pablo Laso was assistant coach.

It’s Laso’s first managerial position in the season’s final episode, which he took on a temporary basis as a result of a heart attack. Playoffs Madrid was declared Endesa League champion by beating Baskonia in the semi-finals and Barça in the final.

Chus Mateo is linked to Real Madrid as a coach. stone pit or as assistant coach from 1990 to 2004 and as assistant coach of Pablo Laso from 2014 to the present.

Likewise, Real Madrid CF and Pablo Laso decided by mutual agreement. end your relationship As the coach of the first basketball team,” said the Madrid establishment in the same statement.

Real Madrid wants to show you “thanks and love” To Pablo Laso for leading the team through one of the “most successful” stages in its history, with 22 titles in 11 seasons under Vitoria.

“With this record, Pablo Laso becomes one of the greatest legends of our club and one of the most beloved names in Real Madrid, with these 22 titles, equaling Lolo Sáinz’s record and ahead of only Pedro Ferrándiz. 27 titles“, Real Madrid is dedicated to him.

Laso ended his time as manager at Real Madrid. more matches ruled (860) and more victories achieved (659). “Real Madrid sends his best wishes to him and his entire family at this new stage of his life. Real Madrid will always be his home,” the statement said.

However, despite the club’s use of “medical reasons” to give up Laso, the coach gave his version on the same Tuesday, minutes before Chus Mateo’s endorsement: “happy to share with everyone Laso said on his social media account that I received full and explicit confirmation from the doctors who treated me that I could run any basketball club professionally.