“Half a second to decide”: Washington explains Ovechkin’s failure 10:10

Washington head coach Spencer Carbery explained the reason why Russian forward and team captain Alexander Ovechkin could not act effectively in the National Hockey League (NHL) Eastern Conference quarterfinal series with the New York Rangers. His words lead the way ESPN.

“When we have problems on offense, the power play is very important and [Овечкина] little opportunity for attack. The Rangers were guarding him so tightly that he had half a second to make a decision once he got the puck. “I think this greatly affected his performance in the series,” said the expert.

Washington lost the series 0-4 to the New York Rangers. The fourth match, played on the night of April 29, ended with the score of 4:2 for the New York club.

Ovechkin failed to register a single effective move in four matches, making it a new personal record for the Russian striker. Previously, the weakest result of a hockey player in the NHL play-offs was recorded in the 2012/13 season, when he scored only two points (one goal and one assist) in seven games. During that period, Washington also lost to the Rangers and finished the game with a score of 3-4 after the first round.

Ovechkin before taken He took the blame for Washington’s elimination from the NHL playoffs.

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Source: Gazeta


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