Couldn’t stand the separation: The 21-year-old hope of Russian volleyball committed suicide in Moscow Coach Uryadova announced that 21-year-old volleyball player Mikhailina committed suicide 04/22/2024, 17:50

Ambulance tried to calm Mikhailina before she died

It was the first death of Arina Mikhailina, a 21-year-old athlete of the Zarechye-Odintsovo beach volleyball team near Moscow. reported Press service of the All-Russian Volleyball Federation (VFV). They announced that the athlete died on the evening of April 21.

“Death was sudden, it was not stated exactly what happened. The press service expresses our condolences to the family and friends.

With data According to MK, the athlete’s body was found by a janitor near the dormitory building of the Moscow Energy Institute (MPEI) on 1st Sinichkina Street in southeast Moscow, where he lived.

According to the interlocutor of the publication, the athlete fell into depression after a serious knee injury, due to which he missed a long period of the season. After the girl recovered, doctors found another disease in her, so Mikhailina was ordered to refrain from sports until mid-summer.

According to this plinthOn April 21, the athlete corresponded with her boyfriend, who thought that the girl was saying goodbye to him. He called an ambulance to the MPEI dormitory in Moscow, where Mikhailina lived, and he went to her.

Doctors examined the athlete, decided that he did not need help and left. An hour later, Mikhailina was found near the hostel. The athlete was still alive but died in the hospital due to his injuries. Besides her mother, the girl also has a sister who plays volleyball.

“Another team that knew how to act had to be called in.”

Natalya Uryadova, coach of the Zarechye-Odintsovo club, who worked with the athlete, said in an interview with that Mikhailina is not used to giving up in professional sport and devotes herself to her favorite thing to the end.

“Yes, it was suicide because I broke up with a young man. Arina is a kind, smart, cheerful, very sympathetic and decent person! Like an athlete; having far-reaching plans, purposeful, not used to giving up!” – said Uryadova.

According to him, Mikhailina could have been saved if the psychological team had responded to the call instead of the emergency medical team.

“They left on the same day, the day the tragedy occurred. So, apparently they talked, broke up for some reason, and judging by what he read or heard in response on the phone, he thought it was necessary to call an ambulance. An ambulance arrived at the scene while Arina was alive, they managed to save her, Arina went down and stayed in the ambulance for a while.

There are no complaints about the doctors on duty. They’re probably talented. But what was needed there was psychological help. It was probably necessary to call another team that knew how to act.

So they talked to him like a person, gave him some tea – that’s it, the challenge was accepted, nothing terrible happened. But he needed psychological help, and of course it was impossible to leave him in this situation. [Надо было] Contact someone and wait for competent experts,” Uryadova concluded.

Mikhailina became the champion of the Russian Championship among girls under 17 in 2018 and the bronze medalist at the 2019 Student Spartakiad. The athlete also competed in the Russian youth team. VFW Deputy Chairman Andrei Gorbenko in an interview with TASS statedThe federation will continue to further clarify the circumstances of what is happening, and the general secretary of the organization, Alexander Yaremenko, has already said promise Providing all necessary assistance to the family of the deceased.

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On April 22, it became known that Arina Mikhailina, a member of the Russian beach volleyball team, died at the age of 21. The athlete’s coach, Natalya Uryadova, told that Mikhailina committed suicide due to separation from a young man. An ambulance arrived at the volleyball player an hour before the tragedy, but left the girl alone, considering her condition satisfactory.

Source: Gazeta


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